Guidelines for M.A. Applicants

The preferred degree prerequisite for admission to the M.A. is a 4-year Honours B.A. in Religion and Culture or a closely related field.

Before applying, be sure that the thesis project you have in mind is within the areas of expertise of the faculty members listed on this website. Prospective students are encouraged to correspond with possible supervisors in advance to discuss the feasibility of their proposed thesis topic.

Applications for the M.A. Program should include a brief (2 pp.) preliminary thesis proposal/statement of research intent, outlining the proposed title, topic, methodology, theoretical framework, and potential contribution to knowledge. Again, it is important that the research topic be appropriate to the areas of academic expertise of the faculty in the Department.

Student financial aid is limited and highly competitive at the University of Saskatchewan. A limited number of Graduate Teaching Fellowships is available through the Department of Religion and Culture. While we can assist students with strong academic qualifications to apply for other funding, we cannot guarantee funding for all applicants. It is very unlikely that students with averages of less than 80% for the last two years of study (as calculated by the University of Saskatchewan College of Graduate Studies and Research) will be considered for funding; an average of 85% + is preferred.

The deadline for completed applications is January 31 for admission in September of the next academic year. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All applications must include the following:

  • Completed on-line application
  • Transcript, three letters of reference to be generated using the on-line application
  • Application fee to be paid on the online application
  • Upload the following supporting documents on the online application:
    • Two page statement on the student’s background and research plans
    • Writing samples including any published work and/or a paper written for an upper level undergraduate class
    • TOEFL or IELTS results from all applicants from countries or regions where English is not the first language

All applications must be made by the stipulated deadline of January 31.


Christopher Hrynkow
Graduate Chair
STM 204

Nadine Penner
Graduate Program Coordinator
Arts 518