Graduate Students

Religious Studies

Students graduating from Religious Studies will have a solid foundation in critical thinking and conceptual flexibility, as well as a thorough understanding of diverse peoples, religions, and cultures. A degree in Religious Studies is an excellent base for students who are interested in administration, education, journalism and public relations careers. Students who wish to continue with further education may choose an advanced degree in Religious Studies consisting of graduate works leading to an M.A. or Ph.D. degree. 

The U of S Advantage

The University of Saskatchewan offers one of the best undergraduate Religious Studies programs in Canada! Students will benefit from the diversity within the Department, with a group of scholars trained in the relevant languages, texts, histories, and philosophies, as well as social and humanities disciplinary perspectives. The Religious Studies program provides a look at religion as an important on-going part of life and culture.

Alternate methods of learning are advocated through interactive community engagement and participations, including presentations given by guest speakers to encourage students to explore the religious diversity within our local community, as well as field trips to various local religious centers. Students have access to excellent library resources, course variety and great faculty-student interaction at all levels of the program. The faculty in the Department are committed to inculcating among their students the highest standard of academic accomplishment; they take pride in their students’ success.