Religion and Culture program

The program provides undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to academically engage and explore the world's religions and cultures. The course offerings include focused examinations of particular texts, history, religious thoughts, and contemporary practices. Attention is also given to topics of universal humanitarian significances, such as leadership, ecology, non-violence, and death, etc. The aim of the program is to offer its students a breadth of perspectives that comes from studies of world cultures and religions, while providing relevant methodological orientation for the academic study of religions and cultures. The department provides frameworks in which to develop a specialization in any specific religion and/ or cultural tradition. Basic training in diverse religious source languages is offered as the foundation for graduate level work in the area of specialization. 

Offerings in the Department focusing on Asian religions and Islamic civilization are complemented by courses on Judaism and Christianity taught by St. Thomas More College, a federated institution.

The Religion and Culture Program is now being administered by St. Thomas More College.

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