The Master's Program

The Department of Political Studies offers a one-year course and thesis based master's degree program with emphasis in the fields of Canadian government and politics, international relations or comparative politics, particularly the politics of developing countries, Northern politics and policy, political thought, public policy, governance of voluntary organizations.  In addition, this program is designed to allow students to graduate within one academic year.

In comparison to graduate programs at other Canadian universities, this one is relatively small. The University of Saskatchewan's smaller program has definite advantages over larger programs. Only 10-12 new graduate students are admitted each year. As a result, more time and attention is given to student concerns, especially to the planning of each student's course of study. Greater coordination is achieved among faculty in order to provide the desired courses and there is closer contact between students and faculty both in course and thesis work.

Many of the Department's MA graduates have gone on to Ph.D. or other post-graduate programs at Canadian universities such as: Dalhousie, Calgary, York, Toronto, Western, Queen's, Alberta, and McGill, as well as American universities. Other graduates have done additional post-graduate work at such universities as: Carleton, Calgary and McGill in business administration, law, philosophy and education. Still others have found employment working in professional fields such as business, banking, government and education. These data provide as evidence that very strong students graduate from our program.