Subatomic Physics, SPIN

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Theoretical Particle Physics of the Standard Model and beyond

  • QCD and hadronic physics
  • Glueballs, exotica, hybrids, multiquark-mesons
  • Electroweak symmetry breaking mechanisms
  • Higgs portal dark matter models

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Theoretical Physics and Particle Astrophysics

  • Dark matter particles in extensions of the Standard Model
  • Gravitation and cosmology in brane world models
  • Ultra-high energy cosmic rays
  • Low-dimensional systems in materials physics

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Experimental Subatomic Physics

  • Measurements of photo-nuclear reactions using gamma rays from the High Intensity Gamma Source (HIGS) at the Duke University Free Electron Laser Laboratory, Durham, North Carolina.
  • Tests of the fundamental properties of the particles that make up the atomic nucleus.
  • Tests of our understanding of the fundamental nucleon-nucleon interaction.

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Nuclear and Particle Physics

  • Radiation physics
  • Symmetries and structures
  • Trace element analysis
  • Medical Isotopes & PET/SPECT 

Conceptual foundations of physics