Plasma Physics

  • Magnetic Fusion
  • Materials Processing
  • Theory and Computation
  • Electric propulsion

Associate Professor
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Plasma Materials Processing

  • Plasma ion implantation (PII)
  • Plasma processing for material science

Silicon-compatible photonics

Professor, Fellow of American Physical Society
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Theoretical Plasma Physics

  • Magnetically confined plasmas, thermonuclear fusion; space and astrophysical plasmas; low-temperature plasmas
  • Drift waves and instabilities; anomalous transport of particles, energy, and momentum.

Hall plasmas and Hall thrusters for electric propulsions.

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Plasma Science and Technology for Fusion and Materials Processing

  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Compact torus injection
  • Plasma assisted materials synthesis
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Applied plasma physics and technology