Undergraduate Students

General Information

The word "philosophy" comes from two ancient Greek words, "philos" and "sophia" which, taken together, mean something like "love of knowledge or wisdom." Traditional philosophical questions involve the ultimate nature of reality, the limits and nature of human knowledge, and the foundations of religious and moral beliefs and values.

The essence of philosophy lies in its method. Philosophy is an essentially critical subject, which requires a readiness to consider both sides of a question, and to test statements by raising possible objections from many points of view. A student in philosophy learns to make careful distinctions, to see logical relationships, and to argue rationally. These skills are useful in all fields, especially global ones like law, whether or not the student pursues an academic career in philosophy.

Because the scope of philosophy includes almost everything, it touches on almost every area of study. Philosophy is, as a result, essential to a rich and liberal education. Philosophy helps you do well what you will need to do in any case: gain an overall perspective on your field of study and your life generally, seeing how the parts fit into a coherent whole. Philosophy is recognized to be an especially good background for law, medicine, politics, theology, and the other professions which involve making broadly-based judgments. Students who take an honours degree in philosophy usually have in mind advanced education in philosophy or entry into a professional college.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan offers a well-rounded curriculum leading to the B.A. and B.A. Honours degrees. Admission to an undergraduate program requires admission to the College of Arts and Science. Any student qualified for admission to the University is eligible to take the Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking courses. Many of the second year courses require only the completion of one year in university as a prerequisite.

The Department of Philosophy has a small but lively group of undergraduates and graduate students who meet each other both in classes and in the student Philosophy Club.