The Philosophy department has a variety of funding opportunities available for eligible graduate students.

Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF)

Many students are funded by means of Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF). The Department of Philosophy will automatically consider suitably qualified candidates for this award. Graduate Teaching Fellowships are funded by the College of Arts and Science. Their current value is $16,900 (which includes a summer stipend of $4,000). GTF funding may be renewed for the second year, provided the student is in good standing in the program and maintains an average of at least 75%. Students are required to work for the department to a maximum of 12 hours/week. This work typically involves acting as a tutorial leader, staffing the Philosophy Help Center, and/or grading undergraduate essays and tests.  Students occasionally have the opportunity to prepare and deliver lectures in undergraduate classes. Students pursuing the course-based MA option are not eligible for this award.


University Graduate Scholarships (UGS)

University Graduate Scholarships for Master’s students are currently $16,000 per year, renewable for a second year provided that the student maintains an 75% average and is in good standing in their program. Minimum eligibility requires at least an 80% average in the last two years of completed study or last 60 cu’s. Students must apply for UGS funding in consultation with the grad chair of Philosophy who submits their application to CGSP on their behalf. The application for the UGS can be found here under the 'Money'. The application needs to be completed and submitted to the grad chair no later than the first week in February. Students may be required to do up to 4 hours/week of work for their department. Students are required to submit an annual report in mid-May to CGSR in order to renew the award. The GSR 610 form for this report can be found here. Students pursuing the course-based MA option are not eligible for this award.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Master’s scholarships are currently valued at $17,500 per year. Philosophy student with excellent academic credentials should consider applying to the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships. See the SSHRC website for eligibility details and application procedures. The on-line application deadline is December 1 each year.
You will need to initiate this process yourself and develop a research proposal. The Graduate Chair and your supervisor can provide guidance in the application process. This is a highly competitive and prestigious funding avenue; you should consider it a priority and invest significant effort in your application. Students pursuing the course-based MA option are not eligible for this award.

Dean’s Scholarships

A Dean’s Master’s Scholar will receive $18,000 in the first year of his/her program and the department or supervisor will guarantee an additional year at the same level of support, pending satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree. Nominations for Dean’s scholarships are made by the department. Students wishing to participate in the competition should indicate their interest to the graduate chair. To be eligible, the student’s entrance GPA must be at least 85%. There are no service expectations while on Dean’s funding. However, the required matching portion of these awards provided from different sources may have service expectations. Students pursuing the course-based MA option are not eligible for this award.

Other Awards

Please visit the Funding section at the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for information on the above awards as well as other funding opportunities. Please also visit CGPS’s Award Database.

Note: Tuition waivers are not available for students at the Master’s level of study.