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Walter Murray Lecture Series 2019/20
Michael Cholbi, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

November 22-23, 2019
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Department Colloquia

September 27


Sarah Hoffman

Kantian Morality and Harm Reduction

The justification for harm reduction as an approach to drug use and addiction is seen by many to be consequentialist in form and it has been claimed that as a deontologist Kant would thus reject harm reduction. I argue this is wrong on both counts. A more nuanced, accurate understanding of harm reduction approaches and Kantian ethical theory shows them compatible and Kant ‘s own remarks about intoxication reinforce this.

October 18


Emer O'Hagan

Is Resiliance after Loss a Bad Thing?

Should we be troubled by the thought that, after the death of a loved one such as a spouse, we might be resilient, adjusting well and suffering little depression?  Some philosophers argue that resilience is troubling because it indicates a superficial appreciation of what one has lost.  I argue that understood as a multi-faceted characterological response, resilience is not problematic.  Skeptical challenges to resilience attack an overly simplistic view of it, and appeal to an overly romantic conception of love.  The Buddhist-inspired account of resilience I advance offers a rich account of resilience.  I conclude that resilience is not a troubling prospect.

January 24


Peter Alward


February 7 





March 6

Dwayne Moore

What If Humans Lack Free Will?