Visiting Speakers

October 26-28

Western Canadian Philosophical Association
44th Annual Meeting

Keynote Speaker: Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh)

March 7-8

Jay Wallace (UC Berkeley)

March 7 
Seminar: "Resentment, Deliberation, and the Scope of Morality" 
Arts 512, 9:30 am - 11:30 am 

Public lecture:  
"Dispassionate Opprobrium: On Blame and the Reactive  Sentiments"  
Commerce Room 112,  2:30 - 4:30 pm 

March 8 
Seminar: "The Deontic Structure of Morality" 
Arts 298, 10:00 - 12:00 pm.

Department Colloquia

Fridays @ 3:30 PM, in St. Thomas More College Room 344A, unless otherwise indicated.

Sep 14 Sarah Hoffman "Can Yes and No Mean Yes? or 
What Porn Puts Into Women's Mouths"
Sep 28 David Crossley "Sidgwick on the Summum Bonum"
Oct 12 Eric Dayton "On the Permanent Immaturity of Art: 
Aesthetic Modernism with Apologies to Kant"
Nov 2 Trevor Pederson

Postponed on account of CUPE 1975 job action. 

"Nietzsche's Master and Hegel's Slave: A Psychological Reading of the Master and Slave Relationship" 

Commerce Room 16
Nov 16 Peter Alward 
(University of Lethbridge)
"The Inessential Quasi-Indexical"

Commerce Room 16

Out of respect for the CUPE 1975 picket, the Colloquium will be held off-campus at Amigos Cantina (632 10th Street @ Dufferin) 

Nov 30 Trevor Pederson "Nietzsche's Master and Hegel's Slave: A Psychological Reading of the Master and Slave Relationship"
Jan 18 Dwayne Raymond "Is It Absurd To Think That The Truth Is A Surd?: The Role of Irrationals In Plato’s Late Ontology, The Generation of Numbers, and His Explanation of Things That Are Less Than Ideal"

Commerce Room 103

Mar 14 Mark Grover "The Problem of Authentication: How to trust over a computer network"
Mar 28 Robert Hudson "The Irrelevance of Robustness"