Visiting Speakers

Felix O'Murchadha

National University of Ireland in Galway

"Glory and the Dark Night of the Soul: Towards a Phenomenology of Christianity" 
October 16th, 2006, 3:30 PM, STM 344B

Steven Shapin

Harvard University

The 2006 Whelan Lecture: 
"Thinking Different…Science and the Modern World"
7:00 - 9:30 PM, January 9, 2007, Convocation Hall

Science Studies Workshop
January 10, 2007

Stephen Yablo


3:30 PM, Friday March 9th, 2007 
Commerce Room 3

Shadia Drury

University of Regina

"Sin, Sex, and Celibacy: The Case of Abelard and Heloise". 
3:45 PM, Friday, March 30th, 2007
Windows Room, Faculty Club

Department Colloquia

Fridays @ 3:30 PM, in the Faculty Club 'Club Room', unless indicated otherwise

Sep 22 Peter Alward 
(University of Lethbridge)
"Leave Me Out of It: De Re, But Not De Se,Imaginative Engagement with Fiction" 
(in Commerce Room 12)
Oct. 6 Sarah Hoffman "Mathematical Imagination"
Oct. 20 Jerome Melancon "Merleau-Ponty’s Effective Humanism"
Nov. 3

Tim Kenyon
(University of Waterloo)

"The Evidential Richness of Situations"
Nov. 17 Eric Dayton "Does Belief Aim at the Truth?: Unravelling the correctness conditions of belief"
Dec. 1 Phil Dwyer "Leibniz's Lapses Liaising with Locke 
(I am addressing the living)"
Jan. 12 William Buschert "Risk, Justice, and the Technocratic State"
Jan. 26 Jake Buhler "Juche: Political Philosophy, Religious Dogma, or Social Doctrine?"
Feb. 2 Dwayne Raymond "Atomistic Logic vs. a Logic of the Plenum: The distinction between analysis as reduction to individual elements vs. analysis as a disentangling of individual elements and structure"
Feb. 23 Emer O'Hagan "Moral Self-Knowledge: A Work in Progress"
Mar. 23 Derek Postnikoff "On Declarations: Changing the World through Speech Acts Alone"