Visiting Speakers

Andrew Potter

Centre de recherche en éthique de l'Université de Montréal

"Should Nations Become Brands?"
Tuesday, February 8th, 4:00 PM, Arts 214

Louise Antony

Ohio State University

"Discovering Politics: Bias and Objectivity in Human Knowledge"
Friday February 4th, 2:30 pm, Commerce 112

"A Naturalistic Approach to the A Priori"
Fri Feb 4th, 9:30am, Arts 512 

"Can Nonconceptual Content Be Content?"
Sat Feb 5th, 9:30am, Dean's Boardroom

Nicole Wyatt

University of Calgary

"Fiction, Naming, and Pragmatics"
Friday, November 19th, 3:30pm
Location: Commerce 112

Department Colloquia

Fridays @ 3:30 PM, in the Faculty Club 'Club Room', unless indicated otherwise

September 17 Karl Pfeifer "Laughter: From locus neo-classicus to locus rattus
Room 344B at St. Thomas More College
October 1 David Crossley "A Unified Theory of Punishment"
October 15 Leslie Howe "Vicarious Pain and Genuine Pleasure: Some reflections on spectator transformation of meaning in sport"
November 5 Brian Zumulinski Adaptationism, Evolutionary By-Products, and the Human Capacity for Morality"
Novermber 26 Vanessa Streisel "Reinforcing Biological Naturalism"
January 14 Robert Hudson "Defeating Underdetermination, Defeating Skepticism"
January 28 George Williamson "Whither Incommensurability?: Removing a Roadblock to An-archic Philosophy"
March 11 Sean Hubbell "Aristotelian Eudaimonism"
April 1 Patrick Mackenzie "Do Christians, Jews and Muslims Worship the Same God?"