Conversational German Language Program

Part-time Conversational German Classes

Learning German can allow you to communicate with family & friends, get you the edge that you need to succeed in today's job market, and the confidence to discover and travel to new destinations.


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Conversational German

Learning, Mastery & Fluency - Cost: $235 + GST/course

Conversational German: Part-time programs

Low beginner to high-intermediate: 10 levels

Fall & Winter sessions: 20-hour classes over 10 weeks; evenings or late afternoons

Spring session: 20-hour classes over 8 weeks; evenings

  • Communicate more meaningfully.
  • Make your vacation or business trip more rewarding.
  • Learn with qualified, fluent and experienced instructors in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.
  • Develop language skills as you progress through different levels.
  • Receive an income tax deduction receipt, free access to materials in our library and a progress report card.
  • GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses.
Contact us for a quick oral assessment before you register to ensure you are placed at the appropriate level.
Call 306.966.4355 or email