Conversational French Language Programs

Conversational French classes on a part-time basis or in an immersion setting. 

In today’s competitive, global economy, learning Canada’s second official language, gives you the possibility of communicating with family & friends, the edge that you need to succeed in today's job market, and the confidence to discover and to travel to new destinations.


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“Learning a foreign language not only reveals how other societies think and feel, what they have experienced and value, and how they express themselves, it also provides a cultural mirror in which we can more clearly see our own society.”    ‒ Chancellor Edward Lee Gorsuch


Learning, Mastery & Fluency - Cost: $245/course

Conversational French: Part-time programs

Low beginner to advanced: 12 levels

Fall, Winter & Spring sessions: 20-hour classes over 10 weeks; evenings, late afternoons or Saturday morning

Summer sessions: 20-hour classes over 8 weeks; evenings

  • Communicate more meaningfully.
  • Make your vacation or business trip more rewarding.
  • Learn with qualified, fluent and experienced instructors in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.
  • Develop language skills as you progress through different levels.
  • Receive an income tax deduction receipt, free access to materials in our library and a progress report card.
  • GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses.

Contact us for a quick oral assessment before you register to ensure you are placed at the appropriate level.

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The French Voyageur for Beginners - Cost: $340/course

Going to a French-speaking destination? Get a head start on your French conversational skills.

February & August sessions: 16.5-hour classes over 3 days; Friday 6:30-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

  • Learn some French quickly in a comfortable setting.
  • Instruction is with a qualified, fluent & experienced teacher.
  • Small class size (limited to 14) provides opportunities for more focussed learning and interaction.
  • Ask questions to get what you want in the airport, taxi, hotel, restaurant, while shopping or touring.
  • Understand and interact with the French people you meet.
  • Includes textbook, Friday evening beverages as well as Saturday and Sunday lunches & beverages.
  • Receive a progress report card, a certificate of completion, and an income tax deduction receipt.


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One-Week Intensive French Immersion - Cost: $625/course

February & August sessions: 35-hour classes over 1 week; Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Low beginner to advanced: 6 possible levels

Planning a business trip or a vacation to a French-speaking destination? 
Learn, maintain and improve your French speaking and listening skills.
  • Focus on conversation (speaking intereaction), presentations (speaking production), listening comprehension and level appropriate grammatical concepts.
  • Taught by qualified, fluent and experienced instructors.
  • Limited class size provides focussed learning and interaction.
  • Includes textbook and Friday final luncheon.
  • Receive a transcript, a progress report card, a certificate of completion, and an income tax deduction receipt.


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Five Week Intensive French Immersion/Explore Program

Beginner to advanced: 4 levels

Accredited by the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) , this 5-Week French Immersion program is extensively inspected every 3 years. It is specifically designed for students who receive a CMEC bursary to study French as a Second Language. Students come from across Canada to learn French and experience French culture. The program features interest-based workshops, excursions in the surrounding area and to Banff, socio-cultural activities and more.

  • Learn themes, vocabulary and grammar taught with the communicative  and experiential methods.
  • Participate in group projects and excursions.
  • Focus on conversation, discussions and debates
  • Study more specific to your level
  • Access is provided to French multi-media resources in our library and our multimedia lab.
  • Participants have full UofS student privileges: access to physical activity centres, counselling, librairies, student health, computer services, etc.

This program offers 141 hours of learning. The 2020 session will be held from May 9 (arrival date) to June 11 (departure date).

Bursary students: Apply for the Explore Program, please visit the CMEC website at

Non bursary students: For more information, please email or call 306.966.4355

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