French 8

Instructor: Giuliano Gullotti
Thursdays 5-7:30pm
8 weeks: July 8 to August 26
Location: Online
$265 (GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses)

Enrolment is capped at 8 students and you will receive a progress report card and an income tax deduction receipt. Register online or by calling 306-966-4355 or 306-966-5539. Not sure what level you should be in? If you have not taken classes with us before, contact us at 306-966-4355 or for a quick oral assessment. If you have taken classes with us, you can find your transcript here in My Reports.


For students who can ask about and relate past events and experiences, link a consequence to a condition, and indicate degrees of certitude.  Use of the present, past and imperative tenses in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms are acquired skills.

Students will master and learn to:

  •  Indicate and ask for a favor                
  •  Accept and refuse to fulfill a favor
  •  Indicate and ask for permission
  •  Agree and disagree to grant permission
  •  Use the conditional tense for requests, advice and invitations 
  •  Justify one’s position
  •  Ask appropriate questions for any situation, event or experience
  •  Situate any action, event or experience in the correct time frame
  •  Describe and ask about events, actions and experiences in the past
  •  Indicate and ask about degrees of certitude
  •  Indicate and ask about location of people, places or things

Course Materials

french-5-8.png   french-5-8-wb.png