Explore Bursary Program

ONLINE Explore Spring Intensive 5-week French Immersion Bursary Program: May 3 to June 2, 2021

Bonjour and Congratulations!

You have been granted a bursary to attend the Online 5-week Explore Spring Intensive French Immersion Program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Below is all of the information that you will need in order to register and participate in our Explore Spring Intensive French Immersion Program. Please read it thoroughy. All deadlines, rules and regulations indicated in this letter must be followed. Any correspondence regarding the Explore Bursary program should be sent to: 

Ms. Gisèle Piché
Director, Immersion Programs
202-221 Cumberland Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1M3

The principal objective of our program is to improve your SPOKEN FRENCH. So be ready to SPEAK FRENCH and HAVE FUN TOO!

Amitiés et à très bientôt.

Gisèle Piché
Director, Immersions Programs


Please note that you may choose to have this 5-week French Immersion program recognized as 6-credit unit course at the University of Saskatchewan or at your home university. As well, in order to be admitted, you must have completed Grade 12 and be 19 years old prior to the beginning of the program.

All students who wish to receive credit for the 5-wk Explore French Immersion Program must obtain a letter of permission from the appropriate department & faculty at their home institution.

It is highly recommended that:

  • The letter of permission be obtained prior to the beginning of the 5-week French Immersion Program.
  • The letter of permission outlines exactly what your home institution requires in order for credit to be granted, i.e., level of study in French, final grade percentage, person and address where the official transcript is to be sent, student number at home institution.
  • The letter of permission be sent directly to Ms. Piché at gisele.piche@usask.ca.


The bursary from the CMEC covers your tuition, books (pdf), miscellaneous materials and all optional virtual excursions, activities or workshops.

$275.00 Required & Non-Refundable Registration Fee

This non-refundable registration fee is to ensure commitment to our program and/or to the bursary and is levied throughout Canada by accredited institutions of the Explore Program.


French Immersion workshops are compulsory for all students. Every student must be registered for 5 of the 1-hour workshops. Please note that these workshops group students according to interest and not according to their level of French proficiency. Students will be notified once they are available.

Absence Authorizations

Permissions to be absent from the program are not given. As a condition of the bursary, students must be 100% available for the program at all times. Students can be absent up to a maximum of 10% (= 9 hours) of class time.

Our philosophy is that our program is based on mastery of language over a period of intensive study, particularly the speaking and listening components. Like when a person obtains a pilot’s license, they are required to fly for a number hours (absences do not count), our students have to be actually in class for at least 90% of the time; the reason for an absence does not ultimately matter. We have made a few exceptions in particular cases, but very rarely. Always make sure that you have connected with your level instructor to forewarn if possible, then this can be taken into account and weighed. If a student exceeds 9 hours of absence, or if a sickness/malady continually prevents a student from attending class, activities or workshops, then this student will be asked to discontinue.

Quick Overview

Important Dates

Within 5 business days of receiving your bursary acceptance: Register online for the University of Saskatchewan's College of Arts & Science 5-wk French Explore Program.

Dates of Program: May 2 to June 2, 2021 - Please note that all students must undertake a listening comprehension test and an oral assessment prior to May 3, 2021.

The final exam is to take place on May 28, 29, 31 or June 1 (Part A) and June 2 (Part B). There is no rescheduling. Students leaving prior to having taken the final exam (Parts A & B) are not considered as having completed the program.

Class Times

Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 11:30am CST Time Zone Converter
Afternoon, late afternoon, and early evenings for workshops and socio-cultural activities

Please note that the schedule can change without notice

For USask Students

Students applying to the Explore program are able to submit the official University of Saskatchewan Confirmation of Enrolment to confirm information for the Explore program.

Click here for further information regarding the Confirmation of Enrolment.

You are able to produce the Confirmation of Enrolment letter at PAWS > Registration > Confirmation of Enrolment Letter.