Picture of  Karen Welch-Smith

Karen Welch-Smith Drawing

Karen enjoys all art forms but especially dry art media like pastel and coloured pencil as well as painting with oils. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of art in a way that is vibrant and fun, making her classes engaging for everyone.

Fifteen years ago, Karen Welch-Smith and her husband emigrated from England and arrived in Canada with their two young children. While everyone else was busy with work and school, Karen rediscovered her love of the creative life. A natural teacher, she has been instructor for visual art programs in her community, in her local elementary school and now running her own small art studio, Funky Artsmiths, with classes for all ages. Karen is currently the chairperson  for the  Saskatchewan Arts Showcase committee, and the School Art exhibit is her passion. She recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Community Arts Program.

Karen on teaching: As an instructor, I feel it is important to have a foundation of technical skills that provide students with the confidence to explore their chosen medium(s). It is important to me that students are comfortable within the class environment. I encourage the beginner to experiment and the more experienced student to challenge themselves. I beiieve students should feel excited to learn, ask questions, and be curious about making art. I enjoy facilitating conversations within the student group, encouraging students to look at, and think critically, about their art. I hope my enthusiasm for the artistic journey and creative process inspires students to relax and enjoy their own creative discoveries.

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