Picture of  Iris Hauser

Iris Hauser Painting

Iris is a Canadian artist and painter best known for her use of narrative and symbolism within portrait paintings and works primarily with oil paints. As a teacher, she gives students the technical skills they need to create their art, and helps every student to follow their own unique vision.

Iris Hauser was born in Cranbrook, British Columbia, and studied art in Victoria before attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, followed by a year of independent studies in Germany. On moving to Saskatchewan, she continued her studies in the department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has been collected by many patrons, including the Canada Council Art Bank, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the University of Regina, the Kenderdine and the Remai Art Galleries in Saskatoon, and the Mann Gallery in Prince Albert. Her work has been exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in public and private galleries throughout western Canada and abroad. Major commissions include portraits of the chancellors and presidents of the University of Regina, and the chief Justices of Saskatchewan.

Iris on teaching: My goal is to try to help every student to follow their own unique vision, and to assist them in developing the skill set that will allow them to succeed.

You can find Iris on Instagram.