Picture of  David Mandeville

David Mandeville Photography

David was trained in medical photography at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the London Polytechnic Institute in London, England. He teaches the technical uses and capabilities of the camera and photographic process so that students can then explore and bring to life the concepts seen with their inner eyes.

David Mandeville came to Saskatoon in 1969 to join the University of Saskatchewan’s Division of Audio Visual Services’ photography department and was also a sessional lecturer for the College of Education’s Educational Communications Program. Since retiring from full time employment he has continued his association with the University as a photography instructor with this programme and as co-ordinator for the CPR programme for the colleges of Medicine and Dentistry.

David on teaching: I like to keep my classes relaxed and encourage students to ask questions and offer their point of view. The classes need to be instructional but also fun or why else would you ask students to come out in the middle of a Saskatchewan winter! Being in touch with younger people keeps me feeling young and fresh. Students often show up with great technical skills and capabilities which is a constant challenge for me to keep up with. However I find it so satisfying when they realise that the basic concepts of art and composition haven’t changed over time, they are just visualised in a different way.