Maia Stark


Despite Everything (2019)
Gouache on panel
20" x 16"

About Maia

Maia is an artist of settler ancestry based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Treaty 6 and primarily works in figurative painting in oil, acrylic, and gouache. As an instructor, she aims to provide her students with a toolkit of artistic principles and techniques within a supportive atmosphere of discussion in order to fuel their creative expression.

What other artists or artworks inspire you?

My favourite painting (right now - it changes!) is The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg) by Leonora Carrington. I'm inspired by folktales and fairytales, as well as the work of the feminist surrealists Carrington and Remedios Varo. 

What do you love about teaching?

My favourite thing is when students 'click' into a certain concept or technique - there's a moment, then more confidence. The momentum that follows can be so energizing.

How do you want your art to make people feel or think?

I have particular intentions with the imagery in my work - however, I want viewers to bring their own stories into the image. If the work can poke, open up, or tap into someone's memory or an emotion, I'm satisfied.

Maia on her painting process


You can see more of Maia's work on her website and Instagram

Unspeakable Thing
Work in progress featured in video