Elizabeth Babyn


Rollande, detail (2019)
Reclaimed materials, needle felting, wrapped pipe-cleaners, yarn, embroidery floss
5.5' x 6.5'

About Elizabeth

Whether making intuitive non-objective paintings, or making installation and media-based work, Elizabeth has always viewed the art-making process from a meditative, spiritual and holistic perspective. As a facilitator, she provides encouragement and support, and gives constructive feedback that helps identify the strengths of each student.

What is your favourite medium?

I come from a drawing and painting background at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and a sculpture and installation background at the U of S, so I have worked in a wide variety of media. I love them all. However, my favourite medium is always the latest medium that I'm working with and right now that is textile.

Do you have a childhood memory of art?

My earliest memory was around the age of 4. I was supposed to be napping when instead I figured how to draw people that were no longer stick people. I ran to my mother with excitement to show her what I had accomplished!

What do you love about teaching?

Whether as a nurse in my former life or as an artist, teaching has always been important to me because I love to share and help to empower individuals by helping them recognize their own creative potential. With online teaching, once I figured out how best to present material and demonstrate process, I was impressed by how well each participant received the online instruction and the creative outcomes that were generated through that learning process. I also love the fact that quite a few individuals who might not otherwise have been able to attend can now do so.

Elizabeth on experimenting with textile


You can see more of Elizabeth's work on her website and Instagram