Craig Berry


Cloud 2 (2019)
Oil on copper panel 
8" x 6"

About Craig

Craig is a classically trained artist in figurative work and colour theory. He believes knowledge is an asset for any student in learning to solve drawing or painting problems and focusses on teaching students the fundamentals within the visual language.

What other artists and/or artworks inspire you?

I studied under two prolific Canadian painters, Scott Owles and Gord MacDonald. Both of them studied under artist John Angel who in turn studied under the Italian artist Pietro Annigoni. I’m also influenced by the work of Alex Kanevsky, Randall Exon, Colleen Barry and Benjamin Bjorklund.

What do you love about teaching?

I love seeing students improve. I see it after only a few classes. I teach under the idea “no rules, just tools”, something I got from Glenn Vilppu. With online teaching, I like the fact that I can do digital draw overs on student artwork. Art is visual so it's important to show thinking in a visual way.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Focus on building skills when you’re first learning to draw or paint. Learning to draw well is learning to see well. We live in times of instant gratification so it's important to resist being impatient in learning the language, otherwise you’ll miss the important stuff. 

Craig on digital draw overs


You can see more of Craig's work on his  website and  Instagram

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Portrait Study
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