Cheryl Tuck-Tallon


Almost There (2020)
28" x 22"

About Cheryl

Cheryl grew up in the floral design business and also owned her own shop where she learned the elements of design, balance, texture, and colour. It has transferred into her 2D artworks, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students.

What is your favourite subject?

Although I have explored many subjects of flora and fauna, I keep returning to the Boreal Forest. The variety of subject matter, the ruggedness, the changing seasons intrigue me, and they are never the same. My studio is at Emma Lake and every walk or even a glance out the window is another sunrise, sunset, shadow, season. The Boreal Forest is where I go to recharge and to be grounded. I find my internal rhythm there.

What is next in your artistic journey?

The blessing of art is the journey will never end. As long as I am open to it, I will always keep learning, seeing, expressing in new ways. I will learn more nuances, notes, patterns. My growth isn’t particularly a straight line. Something will interest me, I will study and explore to determine if that is something I can and need to express. Do I resonate with it?

What do you love about teaching?

The more I teach art, the more I learn about artI love returning the gift that instructors like Kim Ennis, Roger Trottier, Clint Hunker gave me. In fact, I feel it is my responsibility. Teaching the classes has accelerated my own studies. The students bring their enthusiasm of discovery and it fuels mine. 


You can see more of Cheryl's work at the Black Spruce Gallery and the Darrell Bell Gallery

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