Stone Carving I: Classical Techniques

Instructor: Robert Assié
Mondays 6:30-9:30pm
10 weeks: April 15 to June 24, no class May 20
Room 117 Williams Building
$360 plus $350 materials
Prerequisite: none

An introduction to the materials, tools and techniques of classical stone carving. This is a foundation class for those interested in learning traditional mallet and chisel carving. Students will develop an understanding of the step by step process of subtraction and its guiding principles. 


Through the creation of a flower in relief, students will learn all elements of carving:

  • Layout and drawing the design
  • Transferring the drawing to stone
  • Gauging angles and depths
  • Working subtractively
  • Tooling and tool marks
  • Texturing and sparrow pecking 
  • Undercutting to create shadows
  • Time permitting: lettering, architectural accents and embellishments 


All materials are purchased through us when you register ($350). This includes the stone, and a traditional mallet and two chisels which are custom made by instructor Robert Assie.

Flower 1    Flower 2