Silversmithing III: Open Studio

Instructor: Doug Frey
May 11-12
9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday
Room 117 Williams Building
$250 plus $55 silver
Prerequisite: Silversmithing II

Open studio will allow students to practice skills learned in the first two classes and learn new techniques in class. We will use the same format as previous classes where the student and instructor will look at a sketch of the students proposed piece, discuss the skills needed to execute the piece and any new skills or tools that may be needed and the sequence or order steps of fabrication. The class will start with a talk and discussion on sources of creative inspiration and techniques for designing jewellery pieces. 


The Silvermithing I toolkit tool kit is required. Silver is purchased at the time of registration, and you will receive it the first day of class. In addition, please also bring a pencil/pen and paper to sketch out your designs and patterns.