Enamelling I: Basic Techniques and Fundamentals

Instructor: Melody Armstrong
March 28-29
9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday
Room 117 Williams Building
$235 plus $100 materials
Prerequisite: Some metalsmithing experience.

Enamelling is the art of fusing powdered glass onto metal to create colourful and imaginative jewellery designs. In this two day workshop students will explore different enamelling applications using copper as the base metal, and incorporating these into finished jewellery pieces. Some of the enamelling techniques will include sgrafitto, basse taille and stencilling. Students will leave the class with a wide array of colourful jewellery pieces.


  • Sawing shapes.
  • Texturing.
  • Forming.
  • Drilling holes.
  • Preparing the copper surfaces.
  • Sifting enamel onto the metal.
  • Firing the pieces.


The materials fee includes copper pieces, enamel, a student kit, and access to tools and equipment.