Drawing I: Basic Techniques and Fundamentals

Instructor: Alison Montgomery
Wednesdays 1-4pm
10 weeks: January 16 to March 27, no class February 13
Room 306 Williams Building
$360 supplies extra
Prerequisite: none

This course will explore the basic fundamentals of drawing through weekly exercises that focus on learning about drawing materials, drawing techniques, and the Elements of Art. No previous drawing experience is necessary. Students will also be encouraged to explore their own subject matter and should be prepared to bring reference photos and or objects weekly as needed to work from. 


  • Introduction to basic concepts and materials; Elements of Art, properties of line.
  • Gesture, contour, cross contour 
  • Line and shape; positive and negative space.
  • Value, form and volume; space 
  • Composition and proportion - working from photo and or still life, Principles of Art
  • Perspective: linear, atmospheric, ways of creating depth 
  • Texture, mark making, hatching, cross hatching 
  • Colour theory basics; explore how colour affects light and mood. 
  • Introduction to the human figure and the portrait 
  • Open studio drawing


  • Pencils - several HB and 2B pencils and sharpener.
  • Erasers – both gum and kneadable.
  • 1-2 Blending stomps – small and medium. 
  • 1-2 fine black ink markers.
  • 1-2 black med point sharpies.
  • Small sketch book -  coil bound for notes and observations.
  • Large sketch book – 18 x 24 -inch newsprint or multipurpose paper, for use with various media.
  • Other papers - these could include: at least 10 Lynx or Mayfair cover20 x 26, excellent for all work; several sheets of regular bond; Manilla; whatever else you may already have bring it.
  • Drawing board – 20 x 24.
  • Several big clips.

 Other optional drawing items: 

  • Pencil crayons (good quality but do not have to be new).
  • Inexpensive watercolour set and brush.
  • Any other supplies that you like to work with.