Copper Etching, Texturing and Colour II

Instructor: Miranda Jones
April 6-7
9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday
Room 117 Williams Building
$235 plus $150 materials and toolkit
Prerequisite: Copper Etching, Texturing and Colour I or any Silversmithing class

In level II, the focus will shift towards designing and planing to create a finished piece. We will discuss sequencing and introduce annealing, soldering and pickling. We will also explore texturing and shaping techniques in more detail. This may include etching, roll milling, fusing, stamping and hammering, riveting, hand colouring and chemical patination.


The materials fees includes the copper and a variety of tools. In addition, students should bring:

  • ESSENTIAL: SAFETY GLASSES. All students should have comfortable safety glasses or overglasses. Because our face shapes vary, safety glasses are best purchased individually for fit (if not for style!). These MUST be worn when handling power rotating tools and chemicals. 
  • Optional: Optivisor. This jewelers magnifying visor is not essential but is highly recommended for anyone who is seriously interested in jewelry making. These can be purchased at Razortop Industries in Martensville. 
  • Gloves: We will supply disposable neoprene gloves but if you have a favorite personal pair of non slip gardeners gloves please bring these. 
  • Work apron. A heavy cotton or soft leather apron to protect your clothes from splashes and stains and to catch small bench bits. 
  • Masking tape (painter's tape) or packing tape or black electricians tape.
  • Sketch book and pencil or pen.
  • Sharpie markers. Fine and medium point 
  • Any previous work you wish to share or objects you wish to bring to help inspire your creativity... for example, sea shells, leaves, seed pods etc. 
  • Prismacolour pencils (For day two, not essential but bring them if you have them). 
  • Fluid acrylic paints and fine watercolour brushes. (For day two, also not essential but bring them if you have them.) 
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