Art Journaling I

Instructor: Robin Adair
Mondays 1-4pm
10 weeks: April 15 to June 24, no class May 20
Room 118 Williams Building
$360 supplies extra
Prerequisite: none

This ten week course will explore a range of techniques and exercises for developing a personal art book using images and language. This course is for anyone and everyone who has the desire to tap into new creative channels without the pressure of producing finished masterpieces. You do not have to be a visual artist or creative writer to benefit from this course. You will be shown a variety of ways to kick start the creative process, including automatic writing exercises, ink and watercolour techniques, gel transfers, reflective writing, collage, and recycled poetry.


  • A brief history of art journaling practices over the last century
  • Automatic writing and watercolour techniques
  • Gel transfer technique and collage poem
  • Journal construction and day in a life: writing the quotidian
  • Journal construction (continued) and eraser poem
  • Memory mapping and brush and ink
  • Building a palimpsest page
  • Constructing a personal narrative
  • Independent work


  • 8.5” x 11” or 9” x 12” journal, your choice of style
  • Writing tool(s) of your choice
  • 8 oz Golden GAC 100 
  • Set of watercolour paints (tubes, three primaries and three secondaries is plenty) 
  • Watercolour brushes (assorted sizes)
  • India ink
  • Quill nib pens (assorted sized nibs)

Note: From week to week you may be asked to bring various items (photos, printed images, or recycled objects) to use as raw material in art projects, or as prompts for writing exercises. 

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