Dyeing, Painting, and Embellishing Textiles

Instructor: Jill Cope
Tuesdays 6-9pm 
5 weeks: September 26 to October 24
Location: In-person Williams Building room 243
$235 (supplies not included)
Prerequisite: None

In this class, students will have fun exploring the amazing world of fabric surface design. You’ll get to try new techniques to enhance plain fabric, while leaving our inner critics at the door. Fabric is a versatile medium we can do amazing things with. We will learn a variety of techniques and be armed to create a final product with the fabric we create. No prior experience required, only the desire to play and create some really cool stuff!


  • Design basics: colour theory, composition, pattern/mark making, harmony, and where to find your inspiration
  • Fabric painting/colouring: using acrylic paint, fabric paint, Inktense blocks, stamps
  • Fabric dyeing: using snow, ice, parfait, dip dye, rust
  • Embellishing your fabric: beads, embroidery, buttons, applique, lace, tulle, and ribbon
  • Self-directed project: functional and artistic applications for your fabric (art quilts, bags, pillows, framed fabric, and much more!)


For the first class, students are asked to bring:

  • Multi-media pad (9x12) or whatever art notebook you have
  • Sketching pencils
  • Acrylic paints or watercolour paints or coloured pencils (whatever you have on hand)—in red, blue, and yellow
  • If bringing paint, also bring paintbrushes, water containers, and paper towel
  • Art apron
  • Sewing needle, any coloured thread, fabric/craft scissors

At the first class, we will go over the supplies needed for the rest of the classes, but here is what we will be using: 

  • 1-2 metres of white, 100% cotton, (must be all cotton) prewashed but do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • Fabric paint (I prefer Jacquard and Jacquard Lumiere)—choose colours you like, 2-4 jars
  • Fluid acrylic paint (I use Golden)--choose colours you like, 2-4 small bottles
  • Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks­----choose colours you like, 2-4 sticks or blocks
  • GAC 900 (fabric medium)
  • Procion MX Fabric Dyes (powder)—do not substitute anything else for this--choose colours you like, 2-4 small jars
  • Jacquard Soda Ash
  • Variety of paint brushes sizes—can be old ones you have or simple craft ones
  • Any rubber stamps (medium to large sized) you have at home
  • Craft foam sheets (to make our own stamps)
  • Clean Styrofoam food trays
  • Medium plastic tub, plastic mesh/fly screen, 4 clamps, old towel, dust mask, disposable gloves
  • Any embellishments you have—buttons, beads, lace, rickrack, ribbon, cheesecloth, etc.
  • Embroidery thread and hoop
  • Needle and thread (variety of colours you like)
  • Fabric/craft scissors
  • White glue, plastic straw or medium sized knitting needle
  • Sheet of coroplex (12x 24 approx) and masking tape
  • Sewing machine—optional for last class, depending on your final project

Most of the paints and dyes can be found at Art Placement in Saskatoon. The cotton fabric can be found at any of our local quilt/fabric stores. And if you don’t have enough embellishments in your stash, find more at Nefelibata in Saskatoon.