Sculpture I: Face Elements

Instructor: Adrian Golban
Tuesdays 5:30-8:30pm
10 weeks: September 26 to November 28
Location: In-person Williams Building room 117 and online
$375 + $90 for facial elements molds please contact us about shipping costs if you are unable to pick these up in Saskatoon
Prerequisite: None

Students will explore the principles and visual elements of sculpture through the elements of the face. Working in plasticine or clay, we will learn how to measure and replicate the ear, mouth/nose, and eye, the process of building the larger shapes first and then the details, and the ways in which these can be altered and exaggerated to capture expressions. We will then work from the skull to understand the anatomy of the face, and the proportions and relationships between the face elements. 


The three facial elements molds (ear, eye, and mouth + nose) students will work from are purchased with registration for Sculpture I, and you will get them at the first class. 

Students will also need

  • Clay: M340
  • Clay Cutter #1045
  • Kemper R1 #1316
  • WT6, wooden Knife #1382, or Fettling Knives #1278
  • Jaz Tools (1 and 3) #1267
  • Aluminum Caliper 8” or 10”
  • Tooth Clay Pottery Sculpting Tools - Ribbon Tools:
    • G25 A - # 3225
    • G17 A - #3224
    • G10 A - #3223
  • Kemper W24 Combo Wire Wood Sculpting Clay Ribbon Tool (to be ordered)
  • Wooden/plywood board minimum 9” x 8” for the clay work support.
  • 2 rulers (line gauge)
  • 3 wooden BBQ skewers (from Dollarama for example)

Clay and tools can be purchased at T&T Tree Pottery Supply. If you have any questions, please contact us and Adrian will be happy to advise.