Watercolour II: Sketching with Ink and Watercolour

Instructor: Patricia Katz
Wednesdays 1:30-4:30pm
5 weeks: November 1 to November 29
Location: Online
$235 (supplies not included)
Prerequisite: Some prior experience with watercolor

If you are drawn to expressive line work and lively colors and you’re keen to create images inspired by your everyday life experiences, this could be the class for you. Working with ink and watercolor on paper, you will engage in a series of ‘see & try’ experiences – brief demos followed by hands-on exercises and assignments. You will build a set of skills that will get you started capturing vignettes wherever you find them - from your own backyard to a street café halfway around the world.


  • Cultivating the art of noticing as a way to breathe more life into your images
  • Experimenting with dynamic lines to add variety and emphasis to your work
  • Mixing and applying watercolors in ways that keep them fresh and lively
  • Approaching a scene, exploring compositions, choosing your focus & completing a sketch
  • Putting it all together - including specific tools and tips for sketching on the go
  • Developing skills in critiquing your own sketches to keep growing as an artist