Felting I: Flat Felt Foundations

Instructor: Kara Perpelitz
Mondays 5:30-8:30pm 
10 weeks: September 18 to December 4, no class September 25 or October 9
Location: In-person Williams Building room 243
$375 plus $75 for felting supplies and tools
Prerequisite: None

This class will introduce students to needle felting and wet felting concepts, techniques, and skills. Using wool and other fibres, we will build the foundational skills needed to create many different 2-dimentional felted items. Beginning with samples to understand how felting works with multiple fibre types, layers, and additions the following skills will be gained: wool theory and its application, colour theory as applied to wool and textiles, and an understating of how the technical aspects of the skill can be used in an artful way. With the knowledge gained from the samples, students will then choose a project (or 2) they will work on for the remainder of the course, with guidance as needed from the instructor. Project option examples are, but are not limited to, scarves, wall hangings, table runners. 


Wet felt foundations including:

  • Wool layout methods (standard, herringbone, layers. etc) 
  • Considering and calculating shrinkage 
  • Nuno felting
  • Shibori felting 
  • Flat resist felting

Needle felt foundations including:

  • Needle felt embellishing 
  • Needle felted landscapes and dreamscapes
  • Relief needle felting 


Coming soon!