Colour Mixing and Design with Oils and Acrylics

Instructor: Craig Berry
Mondays 5:30-8:30pm 
5 weeks: October 30 to November 27
Location: Online
$235 (supplies not included)
Prerequisite: None

In this class, we will explore the language of colour through a series of colour studies after historical and contemporary artists. Students will learn the language of colour based on the 3 properties of colour: value, hue and chroma (saturation). This class will develop more confidence in mixing and thinking about colour as it relates to painting. This class is for oil and acrylic painters.


  • The value scale and its importance to painters
  • Value vs. chroma (saturation)
  • Chroma reduction using neutrals and complementaries
  • Relative colour
  • Colour Temperature
  • Discussion of limited vs. complex colour palettes


  • 1 yard of pre-gesso'ed canvas on a roll or an assortment of primed canvasses (any size)
  • Palette knife
  • Brushes of your choice
  • A piece of cheap foam core around 18" x 24” in size

Acrylic or oil paints:

  • Ivory black
  • Titanium white
  • Burnt umber
  • Yellow ochre
  • Yellow, red, and blue: You can use what you already have and we will discuss your pigments. The following is a good starting point:
    • Hansa Yellow Medium OR Lemon Yellow 
    • Napthal Red OR Windsor & Newton Scarlet Red OR Windsor & Newton Windsor Red  OR Cadmium Red
    • Ultramarine Blue
  • If you already have paints then you can use what you have. Craig will be discussing a wide variety of pigments, and will be demonstrating so that students can decide what additional pigments to add if they wish.