Drawing for Creative Expression

Instructor: Robin Adair
Saturdays 9am-12pm
5 weeks: January 15 to February 12
Location: Online
$200 supplies extra
Prerequisite: None

This course is for people who want to uncover the simple joy of communicating with marks on a page, and to integrate new forms of expression into their everyday life. Each week we will explore a series of drawing exercises that will help to build skills while tapping into uncharted creative avenues in your brain. We will engage with various forms of expressive mark making, visual storytelling, and drawing with sound and touch. Along the way, you will be encouraged to embrace your own artistic sensibility, while drawing inspiration from a safe and supportive community of artists.               


  • Exploring the gestural mark.
  • Upside down sketches, and drawing to music.
  • Intentional scribbling, and intuitive geometry.
  • Eyes closed drawing, and memory mapping.
  • Metamorphosis drawing, and draw me a story.


  • Graphite pencils (2H; 2B; 4b).
  • White and kneaded eraser.
  • 2 black Pigma Micron fine tip pens (05)
  • 2 black calligraphy (chisel-tipped) felt pens.
  • Pad of drawing paper (9x12). Strathmore is a good brand.
  • Ball point pens (black, blue, and red).
  • Multi-coloured package of chisel-tipped felt markers (Crayola brand will work fine).
  • Optional: Set of Prismacolor pencil crayons.
  • Optional: Set of water soluble pencil crayons.
  • Optional: Multi-coloured set of gel pens.
  • Optional: Acrylic paint pens.