Drawing II: Developing Techniques and Styles

Instructor: Cate Francis
Wednesdays 6-9pm
10 weeks: April 14 to June 16
Location: Online
$375 supplies extra
Prerequisite: Drawing I or equivalent experience

This course focuses on the continued development of drawing skills through observation, hands-on exploration and experimentation with a variety of traditional drawing materials, surfaces and processes. In-class exercises will focus on further development of your technical skills in drawing, and the introduction of color mediums and color theory. In the course you will learn different techniques and how they are applied in various movements in Art and Art History as well as how to use and combine various reference materials. You will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned throughout the course to develop and pursue your own artistic interests as they relate to drawing.


In this course students will become familiar with:

  • The elements of art, design and successful composition.
  • A variety of drawing techniques and tools
  • Different techniques for observing and working from references.
  • The differences between source, influence and appropriation.
  • Interpretation and abstraction.
  • Color theory and mediums as applies to drawing.
  • Drawing history and its wide applications in contemporary art.
  • Develop a habitual drawing practice.
  • To experiment and take risks with both materials and ideas.

The majority of projects will be completed virtually during class time working from suggested still life objects and source materials. The course is designed to be flexible to allow you to work towards your own concepts and focus on the skills you wish to develop most.


Note: This is an extensive list. Items in BOLD are required for the FIRST day of class, items that are optional are listed as such. The rest of the items will be required as the course progresses and options/ further details will be discussed the first day of class.


  • 1 Large newsprint pad- 18x24 or larger
  • 1 pad cartridge paper - 11x17 or larger
  • 1 sketchbook of medium drawing paper or bristol - at 8x10in or larger (choose a
  • size you will be comfortable working in regularly)
  • 8+ sheets Heavier White Coverstock 18x24 (often called Cougar, Lynx or Mayfair
  • cover)
  • Good quality paper for projects - plan to buy least 3 sheets- 2 white or off white, 1 sheet mid tone. You may want to purchase more on an as-needed basis for the final project. We will discuss paper further in class but the following papers are acceptable:
    • Stonehenge (245gsm), 22x30 or 30x44 (Best option)
    • Canson Mi-Tentes
    • Fabriano Tiziano
    • BFK Rives


  • 2 sizes (1 small 1 large) Blending Stumps or Tortillions
  • 1 finely textured rag or cloth for blending
  • 1 kneadable eraser
  • 1 white ‘mars plastic’ eraser
  • 1 retractable stick eraser- white (optional)


  • Drawing Pencils- 6b, 4b, 2b, HB (H, 2H optional)
  • Graphite sticks/holders (optional)


  • 12 pack assorted willow/vine charcoal
  • 1 stick thick vine/ willow charcoal (1 in) 
  • 2 sticks compressed charcoal
    1 white or red conte (optional)

Pen/Ink (to be discussed in more detail in first class):

  • 2 oz back ink- Speedball super india ink (Recommended) or Higgins Black (May opt for color inks later in course)
  • 1 Speedball nib holder
  • Nibs - at least 1 “B series” (B1-B4)
  • 1 Bamboo brush #2 (#6 optional)
  • Drawing pens- 1 Fine (.5), Medium (.8) and one Brush tip
  • Small container for ink (pill bottles or baby food jars work great!)

Color media:

This class will offer an introduction to color media midway through the course. We will discuss options for color media on the first day of class.

  • One set of at least 12 different dry color media of your choice, such as soft pastels or pencil crayon. Sets are most cost effective and ensure you have a good variety of basic colors.
  • Optional: Other color mediums that you may choose to experiment with: 
    • Pastel pencils (hard chalk pastels compressed in wood)
    • Oil pastels
    • Color inks
    • Color pens/ markers
    • Gouache- white, black, red, yellow, blue

Miscellaneous supplies:

  • 1 roll green low tac masking tape
  • 2 large bulldog/ binder clips
  • 1 12+ in ruler/ straight edge
  • Portfolio to transport/store work (Avoid rolling your work! can be as simple as 2 pieces
  • of 22x30 cardboard clipped together) - you can also use this as a makeshift easel at
  • home!
  • Rag or hand wipes