In October, a memo is sent to students with the available dates for recitals in term 2, as well as the dates for signing up. On your sign-up date, you will fill out the recital request form (link below). Please ensure that your instructor and your accompanist, if necessary, approve your date. For first and second year students, this form can be submitted at any time after the third and fourth year dates are confirmed. 

Recital Date Switch Policy

Students who are considering switching a recital date that has already been approved must read this document for information and instructions.

Recital Materials

All recital materials neeed to be submitted by 1:30 pm on the Friday two weeks before your recital week. If you are unsure of when your deadline is, please ask any of the current Recital Assistants. You are encouraged to submit the materials earlier whenever possible. All materials are to be submitted to the "Recital Assistants" mailbox in the mailroom (Education 1045). 

Recital Programs 

Two programs are required; one of these copies must be signed at the bottom by your Applied Instructor.

To help prepare your recital program, these templates can be downloaded:  

Recital Information Form 

In addition to the recital programs, you will need to submit an information form to help the Recital Assistants prepare for your recital. This is also required at least 2 weeks prior to your recital week and can be submitted, along with your program, to the "Recital Assistants" mailbox. 

Other Materials 

Third and fourth year students need to submit a copy of their music, placed in the correct order in an enclosed package such as an envelope, file folder, or binder. 

Third and fourth year vocal majors require translations for their songs.  

Program notes

Program notes are not required for first and second year students, they are optional for third year students, and mandatory for fourth year students. 

For information on program notes, including:

  • how to write and format program notes
  • how to cite sources and format a bibliograpny using Chicago Style 16th ed for music
  • an overview of finding useful information sources in the library and online

contact the Music & Education Liason Librarian, Carolyn Doi:

Also see this site for more information:

Department Policy on Program Notes

First and Second-year students:
First and second-year students need ONLY to provide a printed concert program that lists repertoire order, composers and performers. 

Third-year students:
Have the option to either include program notes for some or all of their third-year recital. They are not graded and are for experience only.

Fourth-year Students:
Must have written program notes for all repertoire in their recital. If they wish they may also speak about these notes during their recital to engage the audience, provided the verbal renditions have been approved by their applied instructor. Students are encouraged to speak, but will not be adversely graded if they do not do so. They may use written notes for speaking.

Written fourth-year program notes count for 5% of the students overall applied lesson course final mark and will be assigned a grade by the recital committee. They should be approximately 400 words in total, or 75-150 words per work performed. Vocal major translations do not count towards either word length specifications.

All program notes must be approved by the students applied instructor at least three weeks prior to the recital date. The entire printed program must be approved two weeks prior to the recital, and prior to being handed in to the recital assistants.

The student bears full responsibility for the authorship of the program notes. If the student’s Recital Committee discovers that program notes have been plagiarized after the recital has taken place, the Applied Committee will vet the case with the student.

Repertoire Sheet Template