Placement Tests

There are several self-testing placement tests available online for students with previous study or experience in French, German or Spanish who are uncertain regarding which language course is appropriate for them. All online language placement tests are multiple choice for quick assessment and students should be aware of the fact that there is a possibility of “lucky guesses” which may somewhat modify the validity of results. Nevertheless, such tests are usually a good indication of the student’s level of language proficiency if the following guidelines are followed:

  • Do not get help from anyone when you do your test.
  • Do not consult any dictionaries, grammar books or other materials when doing the test.

It is in the student’s best interest to follow the above guidelines in order to prevent skewed results which could place a student in a level of language training for which they are not adequately prepared. On the other hand, students who are placed in a course which is too easy for them will quickly lose interest in the subject and will not be in a language environment which will improve their language proficiency. Students who are judged by the instructor to be too advanced for the course in which they have registered may be asked to change classes. Such last minute changes should be avoided since they can result in timetable disruptions and inconveniences for students.

Coming Soon! Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies Online Language Placement Tests

Students may take our department’s French, German and Spanish Language Placement Tests available on our website or may want to visit the following websites for alternative placement tests in these three languages.