German Student Work Abroad Opportunities

The following opportunities may be of interest to students wishing to work in Germany as they develop their skills in the German language.

  • 1. Werkstudentenprogramm (Work Student Programme) Organized by CAUTG/DAAD/ZAV
  • May until August each year: 6-12 weeks of work; August is free for independent travel; participants pay their own fare to Germany (but receive a $650 subsidy to help defray the cost); no work visa is required
  • Begins with a seminar to help get adjusted
  • Students from any discipline are eligible
  • German skills mandatory (usually after German 217)
  • for more information, consult the following website:
  • 2. PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst), or FSA
  • (Foreign Language Assistant)Programme
  • Teach English for one school year (September 1st- May 31st).
  • Monthly stipend € 800, (net), incl. health and other insurances (students should verify updated current stipend amounts)
  • After finishing B.A. (German or another subject)
  • Must be native speaker of English and a long time resident of Canada
  • Excellent German skills required
  • Application forms from Prof. Falkner
    • Deadline:  January  
  • 3. Independently organized work:
  • By acquiring a Youth Mobility Visa, students may also  find their own jobs
  • Visas are acquired through:

The Honorary Consul of Federal Republic of Germany, 
Ms. Barbara Hoggard-Lulay <

Additional Resources and Links for Study and Work in German-Speaking Countries