The Department of

& Cultural Studies

Welcome to the Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies where you can discover new worlds and their languages, cultures and literatures. Our department is known for its team of dynamic and dedicated teachers, and many of them have been recipients of USSU Teaching Excellence Awards. Within the department, we offer second-language study in French, German and Spanish at all levels, and courses in the cultures and literatures of these languages as well as in Comparative Literature. Our close and active collaboration with STM College widens our French and Spanish course offerings and also allows students to study Ukrainian through STM. Students may also benefit from various study-abroad opportunities offered by the department and can complement their degree requirements and further enhance their language fluency by studying French, German or Spanish in the countries and environments where they are spoken. 

Students interested in majoring in second-language study may opt for undergraduate degrees in French or Modern Languages. In French, we offer the full range of undergraduate programs (3 yr. B.A., 4 yr. B.A., Honours B.A., Double Honours B.A., French Minor, and French Language Recognition). Students who already hold an Honours, 4 yr. or equivalent undergraduate degree in French may also pursue their studies further at the graduate level through our French M.A. program. We strongly recommend that undergraduate students who are interested in Graduate Studies opt for the Honours B.A.  Please consult the web site for information on graduate studies. Students thinking of teaching French at the elementary and high school levels as well as in French Immersion should seriously consider completing a 4 yr. French B.A. prior to starting their degree in Education.

The department also offers an interdisciplinary 3 yr. and 4 yr. B.A. in Modern Languages. These programs provide students with the opportunity of combining study in one or more of our languages with other areas of study such as Comparative Literature, for example. Students may choose French, German or Spanish as their primary language of study and complement this focus with study in any of the other two languages taught in our department or other languages offered in the College of Arts and Science. Students majoring in other disciplines who would like to complement their area of specialization with study in languages may also opt for a Minor in French, German or Spanish or may obtain Language Recognition in any of these three languages.