Linking Fellowships

Purpose: these fellowships will build upon existing or nascent collaborations in support of creative and meaningful interdisciplinary research activities and/or academic programs. A faculty member, and/or an academic unit, in Humanities and Fine Arts will sponsor the Fellow.

Term: usually two to ten days (one time renewable)

Value: up to $5,000. Shared office space, enhanced opportunities for research networking and exchange, and participation in the broader humanities and fine arts scholarly community. Please note that grants of higher value acknowledge the cost of international travel and visits of longer duration.

Eligibility: faculty members at other national or international universities.

Conditions: the successful applicant will:

  • participate actively in relevant programs and activities of the ICCC;
  • give at least one seminar, lecture or public presentation on their work;
  • acknowledge the ICCC in any publications arising from the fellowship; and 
  • provide a one-page final report, written by the faculty sponsor and/or the visiting fellow, highlighting the results of the fellowship. Please note that future awards are dependent upon receipt of this report.

Application Procedures: applications must include one copy of each of the following: 

  • a letter of recommendation from the University of Saskatchewan faculty sponsor, and/or academic unit, explaining how this Fellowship will (1) advanace the work of the faculty sponsor/academic unit, and (2) contribute to goals and visions of the ICCC;
  • ane additional letter of recommendation for the fellow by a person other than the faculty sponsor;
  • a descriptive title and a summary of the project in layperson’s terms (150 word maximum);
  • a detailed description of the project’s objectives, the plans and anticipated outcomes, and a budget for the visit (2 page maximum); and
  • the applicant's CV or resumé.

Application Deadline: 

All application deadlines have been postponed until the new year. Applications can still be submitted under the caveat that decisions will not be made until a new committee is in place.
Adjudication Criteria: the Adjudication Committee will be guided by a desire to recognize an individual who will make a significant contribution to the advancement of interdisciplinary scholarship in the broadly defined areas of culture and creativity at the University of Saskatchewan.