Welcome to Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity

Interdisciplinarity establishes connections across or the hybridization of techniques, tools or theories from different disciplines in order to advance understanding beyond the scope of a single discipline. It can also suggest creating “undisciplined” spaces between disciplines or working to transcend disciplinary boundaries altogether. Interdisciplinary approaches take on issues, problems or creative projects that cannot be adequately addressed within a single discipline, or even multi disciplines.

Founded in 2009 in the College of Arts & Science, and anchored in the Humanities and Fine Arts, the ICCC fosters interdisciplinary programming, research, and artistic activities. The ICCC connects academic innovation, creative research and artistic work, and student mentorship. The ICCC provides new opportunities for meaningful partnerships, interdisciplinary collaborations, and community-building. We welcome visiting scholars and artists who share a commitment to transformative connections.

Among its objectives the ICCC:

  • serves as a catalyst for humanities and fine arts faculty engaging in the most creative forms of innovative scholarship
  • increases the potential for research collaboration and funding success
  • improves the University's capacity to connect with external partners
  • attracts and sustains students, visiting scholars and artists, and faculty

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