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About Undergraduate Programs

The Department of History’s undergraduate program includes a wide range of courses spanning from Roman architecture to queer marriage, Renaissance magic to contemporary environmental conflicts, and from residential schools to drug wars.

Starting in first year, students in our program engage in original research projects in our one-of-a-kind History Matters programs, which are taught by award winning teachers. These early courses allow our students to gain the technical and analytic skills necessary for success and to be involved in active research projects from the outset of their careers.

Our small seminar model allows students to have the opportunity to work directly with our award winning faculty and the impact of this approach can be seen in our alumni’s success in government, education, research, museums, administration, and business.




What Can I Do WIth A History Degree?

Are you wondering what kind of careers are available with a history degree? Take a look at these suggestions from the Department of History and the Canadian Historical Association.

Signature Teaching Areas

  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Science, Health, and Medicine
  • Colonialism and Post Colonialism
  • Politics and Foreign Relations
  • Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies
  • Indigenous History
  • War and Violence
  • Cultural History
  • Environmental History
  • The Practice of History (e.g., Digital, Manuscript, and Ethno-History)

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