Graduate Community Repository

The Graduate Community Repository is a peer-learning initiative designed by the Department of History and the HGSA to allow graduate students to store short pages of tips/advice about graduate school and to catalogue materials created by graduate students within the department related to teaching, research, and professionalization. The result is a curated collection of the collective wisdom and experiences of the Department of History’s graduate students in a repository that allows knowledge to be shared with their peers and with future students.

The repository consists of two main sections. The first section allows students to upload text and pdf files with attached metadata through a series of user-friendly drop-down menus. The second section consists of a catalogue that allows students to sort the posts by category, author, field, and creation date and to view or download files other students have posted.

The repository can be accessed here.

Any problems should be reported to either Dr. Benjamin Hoy or the graduate repository coordinator.