#49 - #165

May 26 - August 25, 2023

Kenderdine Art Gallery

Opening Reception:
Friday / May 26 / 6:30pm
Kenderdine Art Gallery / 2nd Floor / Agriculture Building

Curator, Leah Taylor

Steph Krawchuk is a Saskatoon-based artist whose abstract painting practice contains both visible and contingent references to Modernist histories. The exhibition #49 - #165 presents an ongoing series of indexically numbered works, which together form a single, unified body of minimalist, non-representational paintings. 

Through self-imposed rigours and repetitions, Krawchuk pares down the formal properties of painting to the essentials, and considers colour, texture, and geometric forms on surfaces that have been worked and re-worked. Imbued with rhythmic energy, each surface reveals glimpses of the artist’s hand, evident in minor imperfections of line, shape, and paint drip. These slight traces are at times only visible on the edges of the painting. Emerging out of a contemporary approach to abstraction, #49 - #165 is founded on her intuitive, playful, and even meditative connections to the act of painting – one that transcends the self.

Steph Krawchuk, #127, oil on panel, 2021. Photographs by Carey Shaw. 
Steph Krawchuk, #127, oil on panel, 2021. Photographs by Carey Shaw. 
Steph Krawchuk, #132, oil on panel, 2021. Photographs by Carey Shaw. 

About the Artist

Steph Krawchuk is a Saskatoon based artist with a primary focus on abstract painting. Since completing her BFA at The University of Saskatchewan, she has been exploring the interplay between line, shape, colour and texture. Her current work pulls together ideas from minimalist design, Bauhaus theories and formalism. Krawchuk has exhibited within Saskatchewan and The United States, and many of her paintings are in private collections across Canada.

Steph Krawchuk, headshot. Photograph by Carey Shaw.