Kimberly Murgu


 April 18 - 22, 2023

 Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 - 4pm 

Reception: Friday, April 21st from 7:00 to 10:00pm

My work investigates themes of meditation, spirituality, emotion and connection to self and other. I capture my subject’s energy and authenticity through texture and colour, with the goal of helping others connect with their own higher selves.

In order to determine how to create these authentic visual representations, I first need to get to know their personality, strengths and weaknesses. By using themes such as lunar cycles, family connection, animal spirit guides, and meditation practice, I help others connect with themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way. By using the hands-on technique of fingerpainting, I myself connect with my materials and subject matter in a strong visceral way. Creating a unique energy and visual experience.

My current work has grown out of chronic pain and illness, and the fact that I have found relief and healing through spirituality, meditation and creativity. This relief that I’ve experienced has created a desire to help others to do the same. I aim to accomplish this by challenging others to also take a deeper look within themselves and find healing through empowerment and connection.

Going forward, my goal is to help those who struggle the most by creating portraits of them that showcase their higher selves. Highlighting their strength, confidence, and power within. So that even on their darkest days, they can be reminded of who they truly are. Authentic, divine, and powerful.

About the Artist: 

Kimberly is a contemporary painter, whose current practice primarily focuses on portraiture and fingerpainting. Once graduated with her BFA Honours Degree this spring, she plans to continue painting, exhibiting and exploring portraiture. Kimberly has full intention on continuing her education journey to obtain her MFA in the near future, ideally specializing in Art Therapy, and working with others who struggle with addiction, trauma, and pain.

Mishel Barabas

Shifting Focus [a part of me]

 April 18 - 22, 2023

 Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 - 4pm 

Reception: Friday, April 21st from 7:00 to 10:00pm

Investigating time and identity, I explore what comes naturally - the urgency to create, and the necessity of finding peace. My intention for my works and this exhibition is to create a search for meaning - a provocation of thought, as well as a means of experimentation. I explore themes and my feelings on current states of the world and explore identity, memory, time, reflections, transitions, and how profound some life events can be. Provocative and powerful.

Shifting Focus looks at the compartments within that bring me joy and peace - a focus on the things that are essential for the soul to thrive and heal. This focus needs to come first. I shift my focus, too, within my practice, from portrait painting to abstract wood panels, and these different supports and mediums allow me to express feelings, thoughts, and mood in different ways. I love paintings expressions of faces and people I admire.

I've incorporated a makeshift installation which reflects the transient nature of most things. It is also about the joy of happenstance - and creating in the gallery space with no preconceived plan/design, other then bringing in material to create.

This body of work consists of brand new, to be continued, and some older work that I rearranged by de/re construction - which brings to light a new piece and creates a kind of time capsule of sorts. I'm inspired by the investigation of human history and beginnings, and that in humanity there is always good to be found. Through making art, not only is my peace and calm found, but autonomy and agency. These are integral elements to ephemeral existence.

About the Artist: 

Mishel Barabas is a multidisciplinary emerging artist based in Saskatoon. Her primary focus is on her painting practice, in portraiture, working on a variety of supports such as wood and plexiglass. She draws with soft chalk pastels and combines mediums, creating abstract works. She studied at Alberta College of Art and Design for many years at a slow pace and continued her studies at the University of Saskatchewan. She has exhibited her work in cafes and a bar, a group video/digital media show at ACAD, at SCYAP gallery, and numerous group shows at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery.

During her life, her love for creating has been a fibre of her being and is a necessity. Mishel sees art as healing, calming, and a huge source of her own peace. She likes to play with and investigate the ideas of time and identity. Mishel plans to continue creating and developing her practice, exhibit work, and to apply for an MFA program when the time is right, as well as travel and make art ephemera. Sojourner. She is very pleased to be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree, graduating this spring.

"The Colors of Jade," 30cm x 30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2023. Kimberly Murgu.






















Detail “Saved My Life,” 18 x 24 inches, acrylic on plexiglass, 2023. Mishel Barabas.