Ming Zhang

We all came from an egg

 December 5 – December 9, 2022

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Colour is the most beautiful thing in the world, which brings the fantasy, the realness, resembling the notes forming an artistic piece of music. Since a certain point, these beautiful things are labelled one after another - pink should be ballet shoes, a doll, exclusive to girls; blue represents sports shoes, car models, exclusive to boys.

Do the chicks who have not yet broken their shells wonder about the controversy outside? Are embryos still bound and tied to the world tenderly and cruelly after breaking free, even though their souls are still emanating their colours? Are they already manipulated by organs hiding behind transparent portraits, even without enough time to clean up the broken eggshells?

The most wonderful thing about this world is the accommodation of all colours and differences. At the very beginning of life, people seem to be concluded with the binary gender in a traditional way, and this is the most common phenomenon. In this exhibition, I want to explore sexism from the very origin of our life and explore the diverse possibilities of gender definition with the same essence.
Ming Zhang, We all came from an egg, 2022, acrylic or multiple mediums on canvas, 10” x 10”. Image courtesy of the artist.


Ming Zhang is a Chinese student studying in Canada. She is amid completing her final year towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Zhang is a person fond of exploration and adventure. In her studies, she touched upon fields including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, animation, and video art. These well-rounded artistic experiences always keep her heart full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Her works often focus on social issues, feminist or emotional expressions. What makes it most worthwhile for her is the empathy and reflection that the artwork brings to the audience.