Art 330: Video Art and Sound II

Reuniting Through Video and Voice: a video art exhibition

May 5 - June 3, 2022

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

Instructor: Steve Bates

Students: Daniel Bissell, Renata Cosic, Gabby Da Silva, Adam Logan, Ben Marianovits Hadubiak, Daniel Oladipo, Lindsay Roach, Simon Schmidt, Amrit Singh, Shahane Tamrazyan, William Thompson Ramsay, Zahid Tuhin and Ming Zhang

Throughout the Winter, 2022, semester, this disparate group of students came together to make and discuss sound and video art, to generously share their work and discuss the work of colleagues, to work through technical and conceptual tactics in developing their projects and to, finally, be together in class. 

Themes of the pandemic are present in these works as are the hopes of a time out of the current state towards something new. Something better. Other themes are connected to larger forces than contemporary concerns and link to more existential themes out of any specific time.

I hope you enjoy this body of work. It has been a pleasure and honour to see it develop.

Steve Bates 
Instructor, Art 330 Video Art and Sound II

Video Gallery

Daniel Bissell
The goal of this piece was to accept the unpredictability and attempt to create something completely surprising. We are always seeking patterns in life. I wanted my work to be unpredictable to both me and the viewer. The challenge was to avoid the hundreds of patterns in animation, and music.

I have long had a love for many digital arts. It’s been hard for me to settle down with one particular form of digital media. I am always dipping my toes into something new. The approach I like to take with art is a very liberating and free approach. I love to embrace the random and silly nature of life while also looking at things with a deeper lens.


Renata Cosic
This project explores heartbreak - the rollercoaster of emotions that occur after a breakup and a re-triggering of those emotions after receiving an apology letter from an ex. The vulnerability and the tears displayed are a genuine reaction and not acted out.

Renata Cosic is a student of sociology and sustainability and resides in Saskatoon. As an immigrant living in Canada, she is interested in how art can be used for social change. Her art mainly explores themes such as capitalism, social justice, feminism, environment, and climate change.


Gabby Da Silva
I wish to look back one day and see all the past versions of me. The mundane. The day to day. The filmed footage and behind the scenes. The voice, and absence of sound. Pain and love. The life of a (dis)abled woman. This film acknowledges the complexities of my person.

Gabby Da Silva is an emerging artist fascinated with the collaboration between digital and physical mediums. Within a conceptual approach, she makes work that deals with the documentation of everyday events and the questions of how they can be presented. Born and raised in Saskatoon SK, Gabby comes from a close family whom she credits for their strength, especially when she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in 2019. Her work responds to both her surrounding environments and everyday experiences. After graduating with her BFA Honours in Studio Art, Gabby aims to continue practicing as an artist, forever discovering new ways to express herself and her communities through art.


Adam Logan
My intentions for this project are to explore a sense of communion with the nontemporal and nonlinear aspects of both the space in which I live and my experience within it; borrowing heavily from influences of arcane concepts such as worlds-within-worlds, the innite within nite boundaries, and the Japanese concept of ma ( 間), a word describing the artistic representation of negative space. However, my exploration of this concept diers such that while the focus of ma is on emptiness, my interpretation offers that within this emptiness exists an infinite amount of information, represented in this work by the repeating geometrical patterns.


Ben Marianovits Hadubiak


Daniel Oladipo
For this project, I decided to explore what it is like to live with roommates the constant arguments, disagreements, lack of privacy, and so on.

Daniel Oladipo is a young artist born in Lagos, Nigeria in 2002. He is an aspiring Film Director, after being influenced by the mainstream industries like Hollywood, Universal Studios, Sony pictures, etc. He decided to take a step forward by going to school aboard. He is currently an upcoming graduate for the 2022 spring convocation at the University of Saskatchewan and would be going to Toronto/Vancouver Film School to further his education. He has always been interested in what lies behind the shoot and how to express his feelings with video. Throughout his career, Daniel is always looking for new ways to represent himself and his craft.


Lindsay Roach
A freeform poetry piece accompanied by audio visual ambience, expressing the frustrations and struggles of the modern era with regards to the human desire for freedom and the tendency for transience, which is an unattainable dream for many who are struggling due to
finances, health, and other 21st century-unique barriers.

Lindsay Roach is a University of Saskatchewan student currently pursuing a degree in Interactive Systems Design. She considers herself a jack of all trades and has dabbled in many different forms of visual and auditory expression, seeking to convey complex emotions both familiar and enigmatic. She also really likes birds.


Simon Schmidt
Simon Schmidt is a 23 year old student in his final year perusing a bachelors degree for Interactive Systems Design. He was born and raised in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. His works often relate somehow to his love of video games. He has worked with drawing, animation, and video art.


Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh born in Punjab, India was always interested in arts. He began to like art ever since he was old enough to look at it. During high school, he had a huge interest in drawing pencil portraits and decided to go abroad for further education in Arts. He is now in his final year of a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art) at U of S. Here he got to see different Medium of arts such as photography, printmaking, video, and sound art. which is his current new interest and is learning and exploring more about Photography, Printmaking, video and sound art.


Shahane Tamrazyan
I am a third-year student pursuing an art degree in the University of Saskatchewan. Since early childhood, I have been interested in more traditional forms of visual art such as painting and drawing. But ever since discovering digital and video art, I have been amazed by the unlimited possibilities and creative freedom that they provide.


William Thompson Ramsay
William Ramsay is a visual artist who is attracted to storytelling where a piece could either be taken at surface level value or alternatively have a deeper concept that the viewer might need to read into. That was explored in the video exhibited, where darker self-doubt can be picked up on beneath a physical manifestation. Regardless of which route the viewer takes, Will prioritizes entertainment; as long as someone enjoyed the experience (even if that ‘someone’ is himself), then the artwork has done its job.

The piece ‘Art Block’ provided temporary catharsis for me as someone who regularly faces art block, especially considering I have a not unsubstantial following of people online who enjoy my work and expect regular content. If I could go back and redo the project, I think that I would adjust the lighting in a few shots, and maybe take more time with fire to add more exaggeration to the burning of the canvas, but overall I’m very satisfied with my work and how I conveyed my idea.


Zahid Tahin
Zahid H Tuhin is an international student at the university of saskatchewan. Currently in his 3rd year of a computer science major. Besides coding, Zahid also worked on 2D and 3D animation since 2015. Alongside animation, he also does sketching and painting. His favourite hobby is riding his bicycle with a camera and a basic 55mm lens and taking photos and videos of nature.

I am Zahid H Tuhin, currently living in Saskatoon, an international student who was born in Bangladesh in 1998. I love working with nature, animals and landscape. I wanna create something that will connect more people with nature than before.


Ming Zhang
Paranoia is thinking and feeling like you are being threatened in some way. I am a patient with mild paranoia, paranoia could easily be overlooked and not accepted or joked about by the general public. These reactions have simulated me to visually represent the effects of paranoia in my life. Paranoia is like a nightmare that cannot be stopped, except in cases of extreme mental concentration. Patients are like prey entangled in layers of cobwebs, haunted by constant panic, a constant sense of oppression, and draining exhaustion. This is a great challenge to explore the cascading emotional dynamics and bring these special experiences to viewers in the video production.

Ming Zhang is a Chinese student studying in Canada. She is completing her Bachelors of Fine Arts (Honours) degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Zhang was very interested in video editing and animation production so She has been taking many of the classes offered in the Digital and Integrated Practice Area. Through her art, she prefers to explore inner emotions and the communication between viewers and artwork by timing, pacing, and video/sound editing work.