Art 141.3: Sculpture Foundation

Class Exhibitions: Variants

April 21 - May 16, 2021

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

Students in first-year sculpture studied on-line this past year due to Covid-19 restrictions. For their final term project, they worked with the concept of the coronavirus molecule with its spherical shape and radiating protein spikes – a relevant topic given the zeitgeist of the pandemic! Each student chose their own materials and processes for making the virus – with artistic license for inventive interpretations. Working in contemporary traditions of found-object assemblage, they created the multiple “variants” you see in the gallery below.

The Fall 2020 offering of this course and project are discussed here.

This course was offered again on-line in Winter 2021.


Susan Shantz & Louisa Ferguson (MFA graduate TA)


Jillian Bogan | Shelby Boughner | Dezaray Collins
Gabby DaSilva | Breena Hebron | Randy Huang
Taeluer Kennedy | Marta Krueger | Carys Lafreniere
Mya Lauer | Alesi Lubchenko | Chantelle Matkowski
Keitha McClocklin | Ty Morris | K. L. Pavier | Eliza Petty
Puja Rajesh | Megan Schmidt | Anne Wacholtz

Puja Rajesh


Randy Huang