Choreographed Space

Gale Hagblom

SEPTEMBER 14 to 24, 2020

Gordon Snelgrove Art Gallery

Hagblom interprets, abstracts and sublimates to unveil and explore the familiar. She embraces a minimalist and impressionistic aesthetic while embodying stillness and suggesting the illusion of quiet. Her recent work is large in scale and subtle in form and composition.

For this exhibition, Hagblom wants the viewer to contemplate the serenity of circumscribed motifs beyond observation that will engage the viewer and linger with them for some time after.

Title: “Floored”, Date: February, 2020,Dimensions: HxW, 5’ x 4’,Medium: Oil & acrylic on canvas

About the Artist

Hagblom is a Saskatchewan born painter. She has a multifaceted educational background that includes a diploma in graphic design from the Banff Centre for the Arts, a BFA degree in interdisciplinary studies from the NSCAD University and a MA in Geography and Planning from the University of Saskatchewan. She has lived in several provinces including the North West Territories. She has fostered her eclectic sensibility and provided the foundational values of a diverse aesthetic heritage.